Thursday, July 5, 2012

Half the year gone! How did that happen?

I can't believe we're halfway through the WIPocalypse already! I have too many WIPs and not enough time. I feel so alone -- NOT! LOL I wanted to share a finish and some progress on a prestitch for a class.
This is the little ort box topper from Handblessings. The stitching is done, and the box is painted. Now I just have to put it together! Doesn't it look so patriotic in the picture?

I wanted to have the box the same color (navy sparkly) as the center. It took some trial and error. FYI, when the bottle says glitter paint, check it out first. The high-end brand I originally purchased was just an emulsion with navy glitter in it. It dried clear with the background (papier mache box) showing through the navy sparkles. Yuck! So I found a wonderful indigo color that matched the center, then finished with a topcoat of the glitter paint. I'm pleased with the result. The finished project will be in my next post.

The prestitch is coming along. The chart was a little hard to decipher two symbols, and I originally started the outlining in the wrong color. A friend also taking the class e-mailed me that there wasn't enough of the 310 to do the outlining and that she was going to alert the designer. That's when she found out 310 was the wrong color! Needless to say, I ripped out the beginning I had made and completed it with the correct color.

My thanks to Sandy W. (who ended up finishing her outlining in the 310) and to Bobbi F. for her willingness to photograph my work.

See you next moon!

Stitch on, sisters!